Tuesday, September 29, 2015

"The End of the Story" a novel by Lydia Davis

Without a doubt, one of the great books on writing that is not non-fiction, but in fact a work of fiction.  On one level, a narrative (of sorts) regarding the beginning and ending of a relationship, or what we are led to believing is a relationship.  One is not sure, since we're getting the story or narrative from the author -for all I know she maybe making this all up, or it could be a demented diary of sorts.  Fragmented, yet totally readable, the narrator comments on every aspect of her relationship with a younger free-spirit.   She is a college professor who does translations (Lydia is a well-known and great translator) who is writing a novel.  "The End of the Story" is about her relationship or at the very least, based on her affair with this younger guy.   It is also the dread of finishing a novel or a work of literature.  One thinks that it is due to the end of a romance, but it goes down more serious than that.   So far, this is her only novel, and honestly she doesn't need to do another one -because this is very much a perfect work.  Also I enjoy her short (short) stories so much, I never want her to stop that.   Lydia Davis is a great American (but French loving) writer.   If I was teaching writing in a class, for sure the authors I would bring up are: Richard Stark, PG Wodehouse, and of course, Lydia Davis.  A writer can learn a lot from these masters.
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