Friday, October 5, 2007

TamTam Books' Salutes Les Rita Mitsouko

For over 15 years I have been a huge fan of Les Rita Mitsouko. It's kind of lonely being a fan of this band here in Los Angeles, but nevertheless locations don't exist anymore thanks to the Internet.

"Marcia Baila"
This is the first Les Rita Mitsouko song I have ever heard. My friend Eric invited me to his studio and he was playing this song as I walked in. I was instantly hooked. Oh by the way, clothing by Jean Paul Gaultier.

"Le Petit Train"

Perhaps the greatest music video of all time. Les Rita Mitsouko Bollywood style. I love the dancing and what a fantastic tune.

"Y'a d'la haine"

Catherine Ringer gets attacked and Fred dances. It's beautiful.

"C'est Comme ça"

Nothing on TV as good as this.

"Singing in the Shower"

Sparks are truly one of the greats, and this is footage I have never seen before. Some European TV show?

"Hip Kit"

Like an old French film clip, Sparks and Les Rita Mitsouko do another classic.

"A Conversation between Catherine Ringer and Serge Gainsbourg"
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