Thursday, November 21, 2013

"Red Grass" by Boris Vian is OUT In The Stores

ISBN: 9780966234695  $15.95

Boris Vian's RED GRASS is released in the world and should be in your favorite local bookstore as well as online shopping.   If your store doesn't have RED GRASS it is easy for them to special order for you.  

Here are some of the blurbs:

Hypnotic, odd and romantic: Vian's angst masterpiece could replace Smiths records at your house.  A worthy antidote to "I Spit On Your Graves."

- Johan Kugelberg / Sinecure Books

A talking do.  A  machine that allows its user to travel the path of his fourth-dimensional arc.  An animistic universe where the only unachievable act is a meaningful sexual embrace and the only unsustainable emotion is romantic love.  RED GRASS rotates on its own axis, an outrageous psychological novel of the 1940s that thematically anticipates and out does the best writers of Science Fiction's New Wave.  Finally, an English translation.

- Jarett Kobek, author of "ATTA," AND "If You Won't Read, Then Why Should I Write?"

This brilliant new translation of RED GRASS is by turns humanistic and nihilistic, experimental and realist, startlingly, lucid and entertainingly blind.  A subversive, steampunk meditation on time and memory; a picturesque pressure-cooker of a sequel to Jules Verne's lost novel "Paris in the Twentieth Century."   Vian published nearly thirty books, but this little sic-fi jewel proves why he is a cult hero among discriminating cyberpunkers. Makes Philip K. Dick read like an amateur New Age hippie trying to sound avant-garde.

- Maxi Kim, author of "One Break, A Thousand Blows!"

The book is translated from French to English by Paul Knobloch.  And the book is designed by Mark Holley.  Published by TamTam Books.

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