Thursday, November 14, 2013

"The Night" by Michéle Bernstein (Translated by Clodagh Kinsella) Edited by Everyone Agrees

One can gather that this is memoir writing, since we think the main two characters are Guy Debord and the author of this book, Michéle Bernstein.  And the book plays with the concept of memoir and novel, but it does say 'novel' on the front cover, and I am going to go with that.  The book is very much like Bernstein's first book "All The King's Horses" except this is witty turned into a 'new novel' or Nouveau Roman.  Whatever it is a satire or a homage to that form I don't know, but either way it doesn't take away the enjoyment of going with the main couple's long walks through the Left Bank of Paris.  in fact I had to stop myself from google mapping the streets - which one can do, because their walks are deeply and specifically perfect.  There is another woman involved and in a way it is a story about seduction, power, and exploring.  I'm a Bernstein fan.

Also the production level of the publisher of this book, Book Works, is pretty great.   The book is translated by Clodagh Kinsella and edited by Everyone Else.  There is a sequel of sorts.... well review that next!
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