Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sparks at the Fonda Theater November 11, 2013

Last night I was transformed into another space that some can call "Sparks-Land."  The beauty of the performance was pitch-perfect. And without a doubt for the Sparks' fanatic.   Their current set is deep in the catalog, and it is almost like a secret message from artist to fan.  By no means was this a causal show, but more likely a current statement on Sparks circa 2014.  

The scary thing about the Sparks unit is that they keep getting stronger and stronger.  I know this sounds like a fan's insane rave, but the beauty of their shows is the way they look back into their most obscure tunes as well as the 'hit's songs and re-invent them in a new light.   These two artists don't compromise, it is take-me-all or not-at-all, and as a fan, it is great to take the giant leap with them into new territories. 

Russell Mael, at the moment, is at his best.  Physically as well as voice-wise.  The stage belongs to him as one who takes over the personal study in a stranger's house.  The space is is, and no one else.  Ron Mael handles the keyboards, and the show is a combination of music hall via the world of Sparks and a statement of an aesthetic that can't be better. The beauty of the relationship between the brothers blossoms as an one unit, unified in presenting work that will always be challenging, yet, solid as the great American songbook.   I have seen Sparks numerous times over the past decades, and this show may have been the best.  

The illustration above (and below) is a new box-set from Sparks.   It has to be an essential must-own. 

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