Monday, November 4, 2013

"A To Z of Mod" by Paolo Hewitt and Mark Baxter

Prestel ISBN: 978-3-7913-4605-2

At first glance "A To Z of Mod"  looks just like a gift book that one would put near the register, but alas its a tad more than that.  This is actually a pretty good general introduction to the Mod aesthetic and its people.  Paolo Hewitt and Mark Baxter did a good job with the text, but even more important the images in this book is pretty great. One wished it was in a larger format, but alas the world we live in is never perfect.  But it does give the key clothing figures as well as brands that makes the everyday Mod happy, and also equally important the major figures that made this movement happen.  So as you read the book you realize that this is a well-thought out little (in size) volume of what is essential for one's knowledge about Mod culture.   A good book for the quick reference if you need, but if you are a die-haed Mod, this book is not really for you - but more for your friend or family member who thinks you are weird.    For me the Mod is perhaps the most nobel individual on this planet.   Anything dandy related is better than the non-dandy world.  

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