Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"After The Night" by Everyone Agrees (Book Works)

Book Works ISBN: 978-1-906012-47-2

If not the brother or sister of Michéle Bernstein's "The Night" then at the very least the distant British cousin.   Its a beautiful gesture to Bernstein's masterful "The Night" in that it deals with the theme and style of that book, that serves itself as both a critique and an entertaining read.  The Bernstein book is map as literature.  One could easily follow the path of the three main characters as they wonder around Paris in the nighttime.  "After The Night" does the same with similar characters, but they're British and their map is a combination of Paris and London.   So one could encounter an adventure without knowing the results of sorts.

The book is edited and written by 'Everyone Agrees' which seems to be a collective that does work through the London based Book Works.   The design of the book is incredible.  The flap opens up to an actual map, with the routes marked.   If you are going to read "The Night" I think you need to get this book as well.   Reading the Bernstein 'novel' stands on its own, but this book doesn't.  You need to read "The Night" first.   Nevertheless a remarkable journey with a map that leads one to.... somewhere.

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