Saturday, November 29, 2008

TamTam Books' Tribute to Lotte Lenya

The first record that I remember of is Lotte Lenya's songs from "Three Penny Opera." To this very day (50 some years later) it reminds me of my childhood. Even my German Grandmother played this album on a consistent basis. So there was no escape for me!

This is a mere introduction to the great Lenya, and do watch the documentary down below. Meanwhile here are some of her recordings and the 'children' who are deeply influenced by Lotte Lenya (and the music of her husband Kurt Weil, with Brecht of course).

Lotte Lenya sings Pirate Jenny in German (of course) from "Three Penny Opera"

Lotte Lenya singing "Mackie the Knife" from "Three Penny Opera"

Lotte Lenya singing "Alabama Song" (just music not much of an image)

Marlyn Manson sings "Alabama Song" Nice footage by the way. If not actuality, he is the grandchild of Lotte and Kurt.

David Bowie performing (greatly) "Alabama Song" The son of Kurt and Lotte. This is great footage as well.

The documentary down below has great imagery and songs by Lotte Lenya.

Lotte Lenya Documentary Part One Great footage of Lenya.

Lotte Lenya Documentary Part Two

Lotte Lenya Documentary Part Three
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