Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tony Wilson biography

Tony Wilson - You're Entitled to an Opinion but your Opinion is **** Tony Wilson - You're Entitled to an Opinion but your Opinion is **** by David Nolan

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A very quick biography on one of the shakers and movers of the late 20th Century with respect to music. Tony Wilson had two public identities. One as a TV announcer in Manchester and the other as the head of Factory Records, which is probably one of the more important record labels that came out of the British post-punk world.

Wilson's charm and strength is that he is someone from another world who had an interest in contemporary pop culture in his hometown Manchester. He wasn't a young music fanatic starting his own label, but a middle-aged well educated sometimes hippie guy who had an interest in doing something for his town, and wanted to develop that talent into a bigger picture or platform. And he did so with very little interest in money. But saying that, it was a matter of good luck that he helped launched Joy Division and New Order - who were the main meal ticket in those days.

Wilson was in the right place and in the right time. Also the experience of doing things was very important to him - and he equally loved his work for television as well as being sort of the 'father' figure for the music scene in Manchester.

He had the good taste to work with brilliant people, and that is something I identify with Wilson as a publisher. Money had no interest to him, but relationships were important - whatever it was friend or foe. And Tony Wilson could articulate what was happening as it was happening. In hysterical strokes mostly. He was aware of the importance of telling a good story that’s more important than the truth. Truth is bullshit. Print the story or legend!

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Tony Wilson interview that's great.
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