Saturday, May 22, 2010

Boris Vian Related Albums That I listened to Today

A album that I believed was put out in 2008 by Andy Chango "Boris Vian." I know very little of this music artist, except that he is from Buenos Aires and he has this record, which is really good. The cover itself is an A+. Pianococktail from "Foam of the Daze" (L'ecume des jours). Chango sings Vian songs in Spanish (at least I think it is) and it has a nice updated yet respectful stance towards the material. Highly recommended.

As Paris was burning to the beat of May 1968, Les Charlots put out an album of Vian songs called "Les Charlots chantent Boris Vian." Basically a comedy group in the line of maybe a French version of the Goons, or at the very least Monty Python. Now Vian is a funny guy, so its interesting that this group of comedians pretty much (music wise) do straight ahead versions of Vian's music. They stay pretty true to Vian's sense of fun. A curious album and I imagine kind of rare.

A cool album. Basically a mix of Vian's poetry and excerpts from his novel and then his songs. The album was recorded in 1964, and the singer Beatrice Moulin is really good. Very showbiz, and one wonders if this was a stage show of some sort. I can see it work as a theater piece. Here are the original album cover

And here's the back cover:

And for the strange, here's a prog-rock album done in the 70's that uses "Foam of the Daze" (L'ecume des jours) as a subject matter.

I know nothing of this band called Memoriance. By all sane standards I loathe prog music. But since they did a whole album based on "Foam of the Daze" I am ok with it. My critical stance weakens in the name of Vian's fans. Here's a taste of the album via YouTube:

Actually the album is pretty cool. Get it!
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