Sunday, February 6, 2011

Reg Kray's "Born Fighter"

Whenever I go to London I try to buy as many books i can on the Kray Twins. Some like to buy little Big Ben statues, but no, I buy Kray books. And at one time, there were at least a 100 or so books on the Krays. 

Books by the vicitims, the people who worked with the Krays, and even the bartender who served drinks to one of the victims of the Krays just before he got shot in the head. She wrote a book as well. In fact I suspect off subjects due to true crime catagory, there are more books on the Kray Twins. Why? 

Well they're fascinating in many interesting ways. Both are identical twins, one was gay the other straight, and they basically ruled the London crime world during hte 60's. Also they were psychotic and extremely dangerous pair of men. I wouldn't want to cross their path and make them unhappy. 

The Krays also wrote a series of memoirs while they were in prison. Francis Bacon has mentioned that he received a landscape painting by one of the twins via the mail. He commented that it's interesting that it was a landscape painting, considering that they didn't have a view of such land in their cell. Although their cells did have carpeting, and maybe even a wet bar as well. The Krays lived in high fashion all the time. 

This is one of many of Reggie Kray's book. i am not sure about it's history, but it is still fascinating to see how these guys work and what they think about. There is a certain amount of glamour in their lives, but you have to keep in mind the sickening violence that went with it as well. 

One day I like to do a critical essay on the books that were produced in the Kray's world. I think it would be fascinating to compare and chose ... and just basically think how the mass media has covered the Kray twins. 
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