Sunday, February 27, 2011

Alexy Brodovitch's "Ballet"

When I think of the well-designed magazine lay-out, the name Alexy Brodovitch comes to mind. He was consistently a man who understood the importance of how a visual makes a statement on paper. And in the context of a book or magazine as well. But here he focuses as a photographer (and book designer as well) on the subject matter of various ballet companies that performed in New York during the 40's. Personalities don't stand out, but the movement and energy of the performance comes off the page like a punch to the head. Dynamic, beautiful, and visually witty.

The original edition is almost impossible to find. So what we have here is a book on the original edition of "Ballet." The original lay-out of its photographs, and its text by poet and dance critic Edwin Denby. Important and of course essential series
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