Saturday, June 19, 2010

Robert Mitchum

Mitchum - In His Own Words Mitchum - In His Own Words by Jerry Roberts

The late and for sure great Robert Mitchum. A man's man. A girl's version of what a man should be. And one of the great screen actors of all time. But saying that, he was also a very sensitive and quite aware of his world or his surroundings as well. It is truly a sin that he never wrote a memoir, because via this book, one can gather he has or had endless fascinating stories to tell.

His main biography, "Baby I don't Care" is a masterpiece of sorts. And this book is sort of a side-dish of the main biography. In fact its important to read this one as well if you read the other. So what we have here are a collection of Q&A's with Mitchum that deals with childhood, his various troubles with the local law, and of course, his film career. "Night of the Hunter" gets a big nod in the positive from the main man, and he also thought that "Cape Fear" should have been more nasty. Or was that "Night of the Hunter" should have been more nasty? Well, nevertheless a truly unique movie icon and one misses him now in our daily life.

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