Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lord Berner's Dresden"

DresdenDresden by Lord Gerald Hugh Tyrwitt-Wilson Berners
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A perfect little memoir of a particular time and place.  Lord Berners trip to Germany and his observations on the people, the culture and place in the early 20th Century.  Berners often thought of as a lunatic eccentric is a writer of great talent.  Mostly  known (if even that) as a British composer, was a remarkable writer of great wit and sense.   I highly recommend his "Collected Fantasies" but alas this 120 something page memoir is magnificent due to its focus on a particular time - and his comment regarding what Germany became is border line heart-breaking.  But this is a man trying to figure out what makes the German citizen tick - and more important his place in this particular culture.

His love of Nietzsche was a total head scratcher to the average German  - and that perplexed Berners to no end.  Often hysterical, this is a superb book.

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