Sunday, November 28, 2010

"On Elegance While Sleeping" by Viscount Lascano Tegui

On Elegance While Sleeping (Argentinian Literature Series)On Elegance While Sleeping by Emilio Lascano Tegui
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With the title "On Elegance While Sleeping," of course I had to read it.   Its by a writer i never heard of before,  a man who is a total mystery to me.  Which added the appeal for me to pick on this book as well.

A sweet little tale of a murder-to-be via his diary.  But no, this is not a serial killer's rant and ravings, it is a highly beautifully written dreamy (in other words Surreal) observations on sexuality, family, and one's place in the 'outer' world.  Which in other words can be "dandy" world.

These two paragraphs i find beautiful:

"One day she wasn't among her friends, but still feeling the strange power of that fragile girl -destined to die far too early - her friends fell silent as they passed me, same as on all the other day, without the least self-consciousness.  Not a single one looked at me.  And I knew the truth.  Isabel was dying.

Having decided a few days later to inquire about her health, I installed myself again along the bend in the road,  where I soon heard a song coming down the way. The women from the factory of supersensitive telephone receivers had replaced their dead friend with a song."

A wonderful little book.

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