Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jet Harris

A little tribute to Jet Harris.  An artist, to be quiet honest, I don't know too much about.  But what I do know is that I love his recordings.

Without a doubt one of the unique bass players that came out of the U.K.  In many ways he reminds me of Japan's late (and great) bass player Mick Karn and the always fascinating and of course great Jah Wobble.  It's unusual for a musician to be a pop star of sorts via his bass playing in the early 60's.  Of course the fact he was great looking in that moody pissed off way...well that's a plus, that's for sure.

The above cover is one of my favorite EP's.  It is one of those perfect moments.  Well to be exact a little bit under 9 minutes of perfection.  Jett is most famous for being the bass player for The Shadows.

Jet Harris on the far right.

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