Sunday, June 19, 2011

"Morrissey Shot" by Linder Sterling

I just purchased this book from one of my two favorite used bookstores here in Los Angeles. Alias East! So that's a much deserved plug for that store! But back to our subject matter "Morrissey Shot" (which comes to mind is a very Morrissey like title) is a selection of photographs by Morrissey's consistently close friend Linder Sterling on his "Kill Uncle" tour of 1991. The height of Morrisseydom! 
But as any Morrissey fan knows, there is no low peeks in this man's work. Some songs are better than other songs, some albums are better than other albums - but one has to look at Morrissey's entire career - and that is a magnificent opportunity to see the entire culture of one man's obsession. Which is....Morrissey. 
Which is not a bad obsession at all. I learned a lot of culture by listening to Morrissey's music, but even more important, his visuals. One can't separate his visuals from his music - its essential and equally important. And this book is a must for all Morrissey fans. One because it is obviously approved by him, and two, it has a very nice introduction by Michael Bracewell, who is currently one of my favorite writers out of the UK. But Linder, the photographer, is interesting as well. Music maker, visual artist, and of course photographer. I don't know her work as a photographer, outside the Morrissey portraits. But her collages I do know, and I do know some of her music. 
So the book candidly captures the tour of 1991. From Japan to the U.S. to the U.K. - and what of course strikes one is the relationship between the performer and his audience. It is almost like the audience is part of the Morrissey band. And its fascinating to view the connection between the two. Mozipedia is the essential Morrissey book, but this is a must-have as well.
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