Saturday, August 13, 2011

Jake Arnott's "Johnny Come Home"

At last! The first 70's glam rock novel. And by the wonderful London observer and stickler to details - Jake Arnott. Like Arnott's great London 60's crime novel "The Long Firm," "Johnny Come Home" takes an intense look into the music scene of London's glitter era. Johnny, is sort of based on Gary Glitter - but I don't think it is actually him, just image wise. But the narrative deals with a gay couple involved in radical politics as well as a woman who is in that world as well as getting involved with a glam-struck rent boy, who is basically supported by the Gary Glitter character.

The novel is pulpy, but it is also a great snapshot of London culture and Arnott has a great feel for that time and the Capital's damaged citizens. Essential rock n' roll read.

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