Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Baron Court All Change" by Terry Taylor

Stewart Home has been raving about "Baron's Court, All Change" by Terry Taylor for a long time now.  Well, he's a man of great taste, and this novel is a superb snapshot of London circ. very late 1950's. The narrative is a page-turner, but what is really great is the language -especially coming the main character, who has a way with British slang unlike the futuristic Alex from "A Clockwork Orange."   Our teenage hero is totally over 'normal' life, yet he's still from that world and is quite sweet.  But with the introduction of Charge (pot) and his love of Jazz music - he goes into the world of modern jazz and pot dealing.  Taylor wrote this novel when he was quite young, yet the writing and his observations are very sharp.  This book is very much a proto-mod attitude towards life, music, drugs, and the need to break away.  Fascinating work!
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