Friday, March 9, 2012

Jackie McLean's "Lights Out!" on Vinyl

I went back to vinyl because it doesn't make sense, it takes too much space, its too heavy, its.....perfect. MP3's are great when you are in a shitty town in an even more shitty hotel room.  But for the big sound, the real loud sound, vinyl is it.  Especially jazz. The whole graphics of jazz makes sense on a 12 inch record sleeve.  It is not only real, but it makes a stand against the blah.  And blah is something to avoid like crazy.  

What i love about this album besides the music is Ira Gitler's liner notes on the back of this album.  He mentioned that the musicians played in the dark.  The only light (photographed during the recording sessions) was coming from another room.   So yeah, the mood is already set.  Its a beautiful thing.

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