Friday, April 6, 2012

TamTam Books Tribute to Cowboys International

Without a doubt (if one is sane) one of the best bands to come out of the post-punk era was Cowboys International.  I first discovered them because there was a Public Image Ltd connection, and at the time I couldn't resist any recordings - even in the smallest connection - to the world of PIL.  The mighty and great guitar player Keith Levene was listed in the back cover as playing guitar on one track of the first Cowboys International album - which of course means I had to have it.

Hearing this album was a real 'moment' for me.  For one it was super pop with incredible melodies and the lead singer/writer Ken Lockie had that European croon down to as a perfect art form.  The big question in life was 'why weren't they more famous?'  And that is something that will be a total mystery to me for the rest of my life.   So many crap bands (unnamed) have made it big time, yet Cowboys International (and what a great name for a band, right?) remained in the footnotes of British 70's pop.  And on top of that Ken Lockie made an equally great album after Cowboys International.  But alas let's just concentrate on the first Cowboys International album.

First of all ladies and gentleman, the great song "Thrash."

Incredible song!  Perfect record!

And here's a beautiful tune.  Up there with Morrissey as a ballad:

"M(emorie)62" is Bowie filtered through Lockie's sensibility.

And wow, some live footage of Cowboys International in action (with Marco on guitar).

And here's "Pointy Shoes" live as well:

For further adventues with Cowboys International, check out Ken Lockie's website :
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