Wednesday, January 16, 2013

TamTam Journal: January 16, 2013

Adding the finishing touches to my book "Sparks-Tastic: Twenty-One Nights With Sparks in London."  It is hard to say goodbye to the writing.  If I had the choice, I would like to work on this book for the next 20 or so years.  But alas, I have a date with destiny by the name of A Barnacle Book - my publisher.   The book will come out this Spring 2013.

The cover is a painting by Lun*na Menoh, and it's a portrait of Ron Mael and Russell Mael (Sparks) from the album cover "Big Beat."  The painting is one of a series of portraits of rock n' roll figures with dirty white collars.  Lun*na collects men's dirty white collars and what she does with them is document the collars by its brand and country.  And afterwards she either makes individual sculptures of each shirt collar, or make an oil-paint portrait of them.  Lately she has been using her collection of dirty collars and making wearable clothing.  For instance she made a formal wedding gown, as well as accessories such as purses, motorcycle helmet, jackets, pants, and so forth.  including a bed, tea cups, and furniture - all made my men's dirty white collars.

To see more of her work, go here:

The book will have 21 chapters, each one devoted to a specific Sparks' show and album.  But keep in mind that this book is not a biography of the band.  It is more about my love for their music and culture.   Since the shows took place in London, there is a lot of information and commentary on that great city as well as Paris.  The book is a journal, but it goes into the world of Sparks as well as my mental state at the time of the shows.  More information later!


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