Thursday, January 31, 2013

Matthew Edwards and the Unfortunates' Vinyl album "The Fates"

Vinyl Album design by Rex Ray.  Limited edition of 300 copies

A nice surprise came through the mail the other day, an album by Matthew Edwards and the Unfortunates.  The LP is called 'The Fates" and its a collection of beautifully crafted pop pieces - almost baroque-like in its arrangements framed by Matthew Edwards' vocals.  He sings with the most intimate manner, almost whispering, but not. While listening to this album I think of late Zombies for some reason.  There is nothing retro about it, except its taste lies with the classics.  And anyone who names his band after the great British Novelist B.S. Johnson novel can't be possibly be a disappointment!  Nice production work by Eric Drew Feldman, who played with Captain Beefheart and Frank Black/Pixies - a man of great taste and skill.  Fred Frith adds tension on certain tracks.  An album to treasure.  Oh, and the album sleeve is beautifully designed by Rex Ray.  

Cd cover

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