Monday, April 22, 2013

The Latest L'écume des jours Coming Attraction

Another and more recent preview of Michel Gondry's cinematic production of Boris Vian's classic "L'écume des jours.  My press TamTam Books publishes the English language translation of this novel which is called "Foam of the Daze."  Translated by Brian Harper with endnotes explaining the various aspects of Vian's life during the writing of this wonderful novel.

There will be another translation of this novel published by FSG in the late summer.  That version is based on Stanley Chapman's British translation of L'écume des jours called "Froth on the Daydream," but will be re-named "Mood Indigo" to tie-in with the film when it comes out in the States and the U.K.   Which is not to be confused with an older American translation with the same title.  Both versions were from the 1960's.  "Foam of the Daze" was translated in 2003.

Anyway I have high hopes for the film.  It seems to be an ideal fit to have Gondry to do this material.
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