Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"The Spectacle of Disintegration" by McKenzie Wark

McKenzie Wark wrote a fantastic book on the beginning and the middle part of the Situationist International in his first volume "The Beach Beneath the Street." Now we have the later years or if you want the death of the Situationist movement in his new book "The Spectacle of Disintegration.". In my opinion that's really not the case because I think the artwork, the writing, and political philosophy will stay fresh in our rather horror world.  Wark's last chapter in the book actually coveys that feeling via the Occupy movement and the nature of politics and culture in today's world. 

In brief chapters we get commentary on Guy Debord's later films as well as his intriguing interest in board games "Art of War" which he focused on towards the end of his life.  Also  his wife Alice Becker-Ho's deep interest in Gypsy language specially in the world of slang - where language is coded among the tribe. 

The gang is all here and Wark wraps up their world and work in a very readable manner.  Overall we have a wonderful group of thinkers that made an important mark on this world. May they wander and wonder forever.
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