Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"On Paris" by Ernest Hemingway

An iconic writer writing about an iconic city at an iconic time of history.  But nevertheless this is not an essential book by Ernest Hemingway, but an interesting one because he captures the world of Paris in a series of snapshots.  For some, the political history will be obscure, but one does feel the excitement of living in a foreign land at that time.

The mixture of French politics, cultural news, and daily life is a nice mixture for this book.   All the pieces are actual articles that he wrote for a Canadian paper - and some are very short, and then there are others that are two or three pages long.  For me the main strength of the book is when he covers the daily life of a Parisian.  For whatever reasons I was charmed about the lack of good manners of Parisians on public transportations, such as the bus.  Also he politely rages against the American visitor or tourist in Paris.  It sort of reminds me of the boring issue of 'hipsters' in a community.  Everything stays the same except for architecture, decay, and wars.
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