Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"In The Words Of Sparks... Selected Lyrics by Ron Mael & Russell Mael (Sparks) Introduction by Morrissey

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"In The Words Of Sparks... Selected Lyrics" is the dream book for me and my press TamTam Books.   People can gather that I am a huge fan of Sparks (hopefully through my book "Sparks-Tastic") but to think that I would ever work with them on a book - the impossible dream!   And yet, I did with the help of Morrissey writing a brilliant but funny, heartwarming introduction to the book as well.

Ron Mael and Russell Mael (Sparks) selected 76 songs to be represented in this volume that just focuses on their lyrics.  As a publisher i wanted to do a classic lyric book because Ron and Russell's writing is top notch writing on the scale of Cole Porter, Ira Gershwin, Lorenz Hart and may be a touch of Bertolt Brecht here and there.   The visuals that come with the reading of the songs is Ron's handwritten lyrics which serves as an illustration  through out the book.  So it serves as a look behind the curtain by watching over Ron's shoulders as he jogs down these lyrics for the first time.

"In The Words of Sparks..." is a major literary approach to the wonderful world that is Sparks.  The 76 pieces here is for the fan, who will know the melodies, but reading the text cold is an additional pleasure,  because the imagery, the narrative of some of the songs, and the incredible genius-like wit runs through the book as if a storm is approaching its pages.   I am super happy with the book.

"In The Words Of Sparks... Selected Lyrics" will be in Bookstores in September.
Isbn: 978-0-9852724-0-1   $24.95

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