Friday, September 19, 2014

September 19, 2014

September 19, 2014

“I am determined to go through the horror of this world.” I don’t throw the dice, and I pretty much map out the plans on a massive desk in my office.   I have four men in my office at this moment, and they are wearing leather jackets with button up Levis, and motorcycle boots.  I don’t know if I should french-kiss each one, or dress them up for a party.  Nevertheless art-making and doing business is very well the same thing.  John and George are without a doubt the hottest here, and both are sort of emotionally damaged.  Not sure why, more likely due to the lost of a family member, or just not fitting in the world.  This is something that I totally understand, not fitting in the world.  I have been an outcast for my whole life, and I live in a world that hates me.  So, I either drown in self-pity, or make my own world.  I have four young men here that will make a new world, for you, and without a doubt for me as well.

When I look back, I must have been dreaming. I was led into a cave, somewhere in Damn Liverpool, and I came upon a vision that hit me right away.   I usually have doubts or have to re-think it, but here, was something that came upon me in a technicolor fashion, but clearly in a black and white world.  It reminded me when I first went to London by myself, and I picked up on a beautiful man, who was rough on the edges, and eventually punched me out, and took all my cash as well as my watch, that my father gave me, for being such a good salesperson in our family business.  Yet, it wasn’t a downer for me, it made me feel alive, and I was placed in a dangerous world, that I secretly have been craving for a long time.

I remember going into the cave, and realizing that there was not any exit.  I immediately felt the change in my life as soon as I enter the entrance opening.  The heat was the first sensual overload, and it was like if I was going back to the womb, but not my mothers, but someone else’s uterus. A male version if there is such a thing. It wasn’t the audience that appealed to my senses, but seeing four drunken musicians on the stage, that sort of reminded me of the chap who punched me out and took my dole.

Before that, I just wanted to study acting, but my father was against that plan.  He wanted me to work in the family business, and with half a heart I did so.  I eventually went to drama school, but I realize I hated school life.  At the time, it was bad as my world, but much smaller, and therefore I felt I couldn’t breathe in that environment.  I then realize that I can be a performer, but I needed the right medium to work with.  What I really wanted to do was re-shape the horrible world and somehow make it into a better place I was ill in my stomach thinking of all the lies that I had to put up with.  Here in front of me, is one way out, a new honesty at work, that will change mine as well as your life.  John, George, Paul and….. Pete.   That last name doesn’t fit well with the others.  I must make a note to change that in the very near future.

I know very little about music, even though I work in the record store department of the family store, but I know it's important to others. I recall a young man, or boy, who came in and asks for a song “My Bonnie, ” and I remember his face being so disappointed when we didn’t have that record in stock. I almost wanted to come up to him and put my arms around him.  It wasn’t eros, but more of a feeling or remembrance of my past disappointments.  I feel if I could supply people a certain amount of happiness, and not deal with bitter disappointments, then I have contributed something to “this” world. Alas, there are for two worlds.  I’m going to change one world and make it into my idealistic world.   I have the tools or instruments right in front of me.   I just need to fine-tuned or get rid of the Pete issue.
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