Wednesday, January 20, 2016

"Letters to Emma Bowlcut" by Bill Callahan (Drag City)

ISBN: 978-098204802-3 Drag City
"Letters to Emma Bowlcut" by Bill Callahan (Drag City)

An odd but, an effective book by Bill Callahan, who is known as Smog as well as making music under his real name.   "Letters to Emma Bowlcut" are a series of correspondence to a girl that we know very little about, and not too much about the letter writer as well.  We know he goes to the vortex, which is by no means clear if this is a real place or not, as well as watching boxing matches in a gym.   The letters are only one-sided and from the author, but we do know that the woman that he writes to also sends him letters.  The beauty of this book is Callahan's sardonic sense of humor.   He's a very talented writer and he can convey the strangeness of a specific situation and comment on it.  Whatever it's a boxing match or visiting his grandmother in a rest home, it is totally unique due to Callahan's point-of-view.  If one is a fan of his music & lyrics (and what I have heard, is excellent) you, the reader, will love this book. 

- Tosh Berman
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