Monday, August 1, 2016

Lun*na Menoh Conducting Her Version of Maurice Ravel's BOLERO

Lun*na Menoh conducting her own version of Maurice Ravel's BOLERO.  All sounds from the sewing machine.  What she has done is take Ravel's masterpiece back to the Industrial Age, when the sewing machine first started to appear in people's homes.  Probably the first mechanic machine that appeared in the everyday home.  Ravel's dad worked in a factory, so he was aware of the rhythms of the factory, and then therefore "Bolero."

Lun*na worked from the original score by Ravel, so it is probably one of the most accurate versions of the orchestrated piece in existence.   It's 18 minutes long, which was the original length that Ravel wanted for Bolero.   Some orchestrations speed up the piece, but Ravel consistently asked for it to last 18 minutes. Lun*na honored the composer, by following his suggestion.  As well, as bringing it all back to the factory.    Pretty much a masterpiece by both Ravel and Lun*na.

- Tosh Berman
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