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March 6, 2018 (Tokyo) by Tosh Berman

March 6, 2018
I've been going back and forth to Tokyo for the past 29 years. What's odd is that I still don't know the city that well. Tokyo is not a noun but a verb. It's consistently moving and changing, with some practices and places not changing much at all, while other areas change drastically. The best way to learn to maneuver the Tokyo landscape is going by yourself. Having someone show you places is a must as well, but after that, I think one will learn more about this metropolis if you go and just wander without a thought in your head where you're going to or heading towards. 

One can literally spend all your time in one neighborhood and never get tired of it. If you are bored in Tokyo, then there is nothing that will save you. The entertainment, the shops, and the walking pleasures never stop. It is probably best for a sane mind is to be very focused on what you want to do in Tokyo. One can choose almost any subject of interest, and find it here in this city. I do go to the bookshops and record stores because that's a major interest in my life. On the other hand, if you're into food, the aesthetic taste never disappoints. People-watching is an art form as well. 

In a fashion, Tokyo reminds me of Los Angeles, not in its physical space but dealing with the city within a city. Each neighborhood or ward has a specific feel or aesthetic. Sometimes it's very age orientated - there are teenage places as well as locations for adults, and one can see that while walking down the street. Most of the streets don't have names, so finding places is a total mystery to me. One is consistently going back and forth on a small road to find that specific spot. It's very much part of the process. 

Yesterday I headed toward my home here, and at 7PM the subway and trains were packed. One should never go against the crowd but go with the flow of the people. I was pushed into the train and my body was physically connected to at least three people. I feel like I have taken over their bodies, and one feels like they're sharing the same breath as the other. It's neither bad or good, just a daily occurrence at a specific time when on the public transportation. I have a genius in locating areas that no one goes to, and therefore I get that privacy I adore so much. - Tosh Berman

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