Friday, July 6, 2007

My Diary July 6, 2007

I had a strange dream this morning that a friend of mine took over a record store and held everyone hostage. My 'take' on the whole thing was 'wow, why is he doing that?' The record store is also a place that I dream about, but it doesn't actually exist. It's weird how detailed dreams are, especially on locations that are only in your head. I am not sure but I think the store is based on Aarons Record Store when it was located on Melrose Avenue.

I also have a made-up newsstand that I dream about time-to-time. That after many years I realized is based on the newsstand in Farmer's Market on 3rd Street. I rarely ever dream of actual places. For instance I have no memory of dreams taking place in my studio or home. Nor at work.

I am going to go over the inventory of my father's (Wallace Berman) artwork this morning. We are going to make choices regarding the solo show that will take place in Paris next year. It makes me nervous to go into my past in such an intense manner. But then again, I have been revisiting the past via my memoir, the Semina Culture exhibition and so forth. I am happy that I am involved with TamTam Books, which deals with someone else (Boris Vian's) life and times. But as I mentioned I feel that my Father and Vian run in the same circles, just in a different country and culture. But one that mirrors each other.

Paul Knobloch mentions that there is always a double in Vian's work, and I see things in that light. The people I publish I really see a lot of myself in their work. It is not an obsessive weird issue with me, but there are strains of Vian, Gainsbourg and Debord that runs through me in various ways.

I think very shortly I will see some artwork for Vian's "To Hell With the Ugly." I am going to have this book illustrated and I am extremely excited about this. So is Paul. I feel that this is the right thing to do. Great things are ahead.
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