Saturday, July 14, 2007

My journal: Friday the 13

I tried not to mention that it was Friday the 13, but my tongue in my mouth was burning and my fingers were getting itchy. Nevertheless it was a good day for me.

I want to make a cd-r of music that is connected to my father for the upcoming event on July 27 at Book Soup. I realized that I didn't have any Billie Holiday recordings, so I went to Amoeba Records to purchase "Lady In Satin." I love this album because the romantic aspect of it is that she was on her last legs. And this maybe true, but I find her voice incredibly beautiful and sexy. A truly wonderful singer.

The CD I am going to make is what I heard in my Dad's studio while he worked. There was always music in the Berman household and I want to give this out to people who purchase my Dad's book (Wallace Berman Photographs; edited by Kristine McKenna and Lorraine Wild to give proper credit) at the Book Soup event.

It's going to be a wild spectrum of music on this CD, but it should work out ok.
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