Friday, November 2, 2007

TamTam Books' Tribute to ANDREW LOOG OLDHAM

First of all watch this fantastic footage from 'READY STEADY GO' The essence of the Rolling Stones Andrew Loog Oldham era!

For those who read this blog, or my blog on Myspace, know I have a fixation on British Rock n' Roll managers. I think one of the reasons is that I identify with them as a publisher. One is basically a movie producer, with respect to getting the talent together and then giving it a vision of some sort. Andrew Loog Oldham, the record producer and manager of the 60's era Stones was and is a magnificent figure.

First of all there are the two memoirs by Oldham, which is a must for those who are interested in 60's era London and of course, The Stones.



But it's a story filtered through the eyes of a young man who tasted the excitement of street fashion, the love of hustling, and music. And yet cinematic images are part of the mix as well.

"Sweet Smell of Success"

"Expresso Bongo"

The Andrew Loog Oldham Orchestra recordings are probably one of my favorite sounds. Here are two of his masterpieces:


"The Rolling Stones Songbook"

His great record label:

My favorite production of Oldham's:

"Would You Believe" by Billy Nicholls

And there's more...
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