Saturday, November 3, 2007

TamTam Books' Headquarters (my office)

Today I explored my office a bit. It's a small room but it's nice. I am surrounded by tons of books, cds, and DVD's. It is sort of my private world (hell). Also some of the images are blurry, due to my cell phone camera and that I usually see the world in that fashion.

Rosa and Julian gave me this mouse pad from London. I always think of them while using it.

There is no order on my table. It's basically Chaos at work.

I had this one photograph of Alain Delon for about ten or tweleve years now. It sort of reminds me to be always handsome.

Lovely practical chair. It is so clean looking. I do all my writing and blogging on this chair.

The mountain of death that is made up of various books, DVD's and a handful of cd's.
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