Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sparks Mania in London Part 2

Some of the things that relates to me with respect to Sparks and their series of shows are locations around Islington London where they are doing their series of shows. For instance the Collins Music Hall, where Charlie Chaplin often performed on its stage in 1916. This theater is two blocks away from the Carling Academy, the venue that is having the Sparks shows.

These videos that I am sharing with you is in a sense to amuse myself with while writing. As I mentioned I am in London to see all the Sparks' shows in Islington.

"When I am With You" Promo video

"Singing in the Shower" Sparks with the fantastic and super great Les Rita Mitsuoko. From a TV show? Looks like they just filmed it off their living room TV set.

"Singing in the Shower" Promo Video. And once again with the amazing Les Rita Mitsouko

"La Dolce Vita"
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