Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jean Paul Yamamoto's "Instant Couture"

My wife Lun*na Menoh just did a performance with her band Jean Paul Yamamoto, that did include music - but not in the regular way. I guess you had to be there to hear the amplified sewing machines mixed in with the music. Nevetherless here's lun*na's introduction to the afternoon

I am Lun*na Menoh from Jean Paul Yamamoto, a Los Angeles based band. We are known for combining high fashion, art performance, and rock n' roll theatrics. Today we have a special event that is not our regular 'live music' performance. Jean Paul Yamamoto will be doing an improvised sewing show in front of the audience. We will design and make 12 one-of-a-kind T-shirts (100% white cotton) and they will be completed during the art performance. If you would like to have a designed T-Shirt, please come inside and place an order – and yes, this is "Instant Couture!"

Also during our performance, we will have a floor fashion show, where every 5 minutes a series of models will be walking around the floor wearing stage costumes worn by Jean Paul Yamamoto from their various live music shows of the recent past.

Fashion models:

Maki Asako
Sachi Nina

Hair and make up:

Special appearance

Also a continuous DVD screening of Jean Paul Yamamoto & Seksu Roba performances, Relah Eckstein’s films (with Lun*na doing the art direction and costumes) and Lun*na Menoh’s previous Fashion/Art events in the Royal T’s VIP Room located back of the gallery.

Enjoy the Event"

Photographs by Hana Kidaka of the "Instant Couture" event that took place at Royal T in Culver City - July 6, 2008
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