Sunday, September 7, 2008

TamTam Books' Tribute to Jobriath

Sometime around 1974, my Dad took me to the Troubadour in West Hollywood to see Jobriath. My memory of the show is quite strong, because he made an impression on me. I was totally into anything that was glam, and the opening act to the show that night was Zolar X. An legendary Los Angeles band who thought that they were actually from outer space and had their own language among themselves. I was totally ok with that, in fact I loved it.

Jobriath was a gay artist who never made it into the big world of showbiz due that he was over-hyped by his manager Jerry Brandt, and also he was coming on to the glam scene after it was sort of dying out. This was during Bowie's "Diamond Dogs" so even the king of glam was moving into a different direction. Jobriath on the other hand was totally into glam, and was actually gay. There was no second act for this guy. He made two albums that failed, and that was that.

Here's a tribute to Jobriath, but also to my Dad for exposing me to an interesting sub-culture. The two biggest fans of Jobriath it turns out is my Dad and Morrissey!

Jobriath "Rock of Ages"

jobriath "Im a Man"

short documentary on Jobriath

Jobriath and his Mom

Cole Berlin (aka Jobriath)

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