Friday, September 5, 2008

TamTam Book's Tribute to British Writer Patrick Hamilton

Patrick Hamilton doing what he does best

About ten years ago a dear friend of mine Sarah turned me on to this British author Patrick Hamilton. Reading about his life, it sounds like it was a mixture of great success and personal failure. My favorite type of character!

Hamilton wrote two plays that are classics of that sort. “Rope,” which became a film by Alfred Hitchcock and “Gaslight,’ which also became a film by George Cukor.


But the real good stuff by Hamilton was in his novels. All of them basically dealt with the seedy drinking life of London during the World War 2 Blitz. A time where life can end suddenly, and yet the London citizens was also concerned about the affairs of the heart – and those who abuse that affair.

Various psychotics are in the Hamilton novels, and in many ways one can find the roots of Patricia Highsmith’s (who also shared the same initials as our Patrick) main character Tom Ripley.

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