Saturday, December 24, 2011

"Bad Vibes" by Luke Haines

Britpop, as a movement, had a huge affect on maybe a handful of people - mostly those who lived in North London.  But saying that there were some great bands that came out of it, who without a doubt is Pulp.  On the other hand I am not sure if Luke Haines was one of the 'movement's bright lights, but for sure a great personality.  And like most great personalities they usually have talent on the page.  Therefore "Bad Vibes" is a splendid trip to the underbelly of British pop music world circ. 1990's.  While Haines has distaste for the pop world, one suspects he also has great admiration for the power structure of the pop world as well.  If for nothing else then to rebel against its limited power and vision.  
And as for Haines' music, I only know Black Box Recorder, which is pretty good (hardcore) British pop.  Another music figure who delivers to the medium of the book.  Very nice.
Perfect pop chorus.

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