Saturday, December 3, 2011

"Boris Vian; Post-Scriptum (Dessins, manuscrits, inédits)

Boris Vian is in a very real sense to me, a god.   The fact that I devote my press TamTam Books to him - and that my second half of my life is basically thinking of Vian in every manner possible - well, this book is heaven sent to me.  What we have here are selections of his art work - some paintings, but mostly drawings on paper and notebook paper.   Its put together in chronicle order of his work - so in a sense this is sort of a visual biography of the man via his drawings and some of the text from his novels, plays, etc.   Beautifully designed, this is an important book for all Vian lovers that are out there. The book is in French.  And I am happy.
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