Sunday, September 16, 2012

"Crazy Rhythms" by The Feelies (vinyl)

"Crazy Rhythms" by The Feelies is one of those unique recordings that caught my attention, like a cat seeing a bird in front of him/her.  I was working at Moby Disc (for only a week or so, and that's another story) when this album came out.  I was struck by the cover of four geeky guys.  At the time the only other geeky band was Talking Heads - but this band took 'geeky' to another level.  What I found on their L.P. was a guitar band that deals with dynamics of sound and textures. And the percussion work is excellent through out the album.  A combination of Television's first album and the first three solo Eno releases.  I am also impressed with the silence between the tracks on this album.  The quiet is just as important as the Yardbirds like - but still geeky - rave-up.  Remarkable album.  

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