Thursday, September 13, 2012

"The Art of Noise: Destruction of Music by Futurist Machines"

Ah, the shock of the now as it happened!   A really nice collection of manifestos and essays by the Italian Futurists who see sound, noise, and yes music as an important art form that matches up with the visual arts.   The early 1900's and yet the manifestos read like from the Punk era.  The need to destroy the past to make way for the Present or future is a very enticing idea.  Yet, the Italian branch are very much aware of its past, so the tension between the new and its history is pretty exciting.  Luigi Russolo and others are mapping out a new territory that we're still exploring.  Essential reading for us explorers.

Luigi Russolo "Veglio Di Una Citta" 1910

Antonio Russolo "Serenata"

Tribute to "The Art of Noise"

Luigi Russolo "Macchina Tipografica"
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