Sunday, February 10, 2013

"Michel Legrand Plays for Dancers" ("Archi-Cordes")

Michel Legrand is well-known in the music world, but the fact is, he's sort of a god, except I don't really believe in Gods, but I do believe in Michel Legrand.   A huge fan of his music that he wrote for Jacques Demy's great films and his jazz piano playing.  Well, he also did an album of Erik Satie's piano music as well.  So, basically he's excellent in whatever he does.  But this is the one album that is essential to and married to my turntable.  "Michel Legrand Plays For Dancers" (or in France it is known as "Archi-Cordes"). 

In ways it sounds like the John Barry Seven produced and recorded by Joe Meek.   Production tricks, and music that is hard to categorize  - the American market tried to sell it as a dance record via the hully-gully, the twist, and the every popular shimmy.  But the truth is's absolutely  nuts and unique.  Totally instrumental, but with back up zoom-zoom vocals and rapid strings.  Or is it an early electronic keyboard or engineering wizardry?  I hear the roots of "Sound and Vision" on Bowie's "Low" on this album.  Well, its a work of unique genius, and like nothing else he has done.  

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