Monday, February 11, 2013

The Updated "Exercises in Style" by Raymond Queneau

The most essential book for ANY writer. Genius-like Raymond Queneau gives us a brief narrative and re-writes it over and over again. The way of looking at a simple story is uplifting to a great height. 

This new addition has added more 'exercises' plus additional works by Johathan Lethem. Harry Mathews, Lynne Tillman, and my current fave Enrique Vila-Matas, among others. And one wonders how many times can one tell a tale?  The answer is endless.

The beauty of looking at a subject matter and tearing it apart and then re-building it again is something a writer likes to do - well, at least I like to do that.   There are two editions of this book out now, and both are published by New Directions.  I would get this one, because the text is the same as the old one, and still done brilliantly by the genius translator Barbara Wright.   But what you get here are the additional pieces plus what is  mentioned above.  Also the design work is elegant and its smaller in size, but not in content.  Small packages leads to unexpected adventures!
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