Friday, March 29, 2013

The Outlaws/Joe Meek's "Dream of the West" Vinyl album

One of the great joys of going to Tokyo is to go on the vinyl hunt, which for me is almost a Situationist walk around the city.   The maps I bring with me to Tokyo is usually useless, because a lot of the streets don't have names.  Also Tokyo is very much like a maze.  It makes sense the longer you are there, but when you first get to town, it like "oh god, where, what, and why?"

I went to Reco Fan in Shibuya and found some great records. For whatever reason it seems (at least this trip to the store) an outlet for Joe Meek recordings on vinyl.  It is here where I found my beloved vinyl copy of the Outlaws "Dream of the West" album.  

Islington bound Meek takes his imagination out to the wild west and came up with this beauty of an album.  His usual back-up band for Mike Berry recordings, Meek wrote all the songs on this album under the name of "Robert Duke."  And on top of that he wrote the liner notes as well.  Giving almost pulpy narratives on each track.  I think the beauty of "Dream of the West" is that its not real, but comes from movie Westerns that Meek absorbed from his childhood and beyond.  All the classic iconic images and sounds are on this album, but re-imagined by Joe Meek. 

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