Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"Revolt Into Style: The Pop Arts" by George Melly

It took me forever to locate "Revolt Into Style" and finally I found a copy at my neighborhood record store.  I couldn't even find it via the Internet - so hooray for the neighborhood store (Rockaway Records by the way.)

But now that I have located the book by the legendary blues singing Surrealist bi-sexual dandy George Melly - I find it slightly boring. The hint for it was more exciting than reading the book.  But saying that it is still an unique look by a crazed Soho figure on the British pop world of the '60s.  So it's very much a period piece of that decade.  He write most of the book in 1969, and therefore the subject matter was still happening while he wrote this book.

For a gent that was born during the '20s his attitude to the '60s generation is pretty hip, but you still get traces of his jazz past.  The book is divided by music, films/theater, fashion, and literature.  The problem with the book is that Melly didn't go far enough with his personality regarding his subject matter.  I suspect he was paid by a paper for most of these observations. But still a collectible and a must for a Mod obsessive reader.
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