Sunday, June 2, 2013

Suehiro Maruo's "The Strange Tale of Panorama Island" based on the novel by Edogawa Rampo

The wonderful Edogawa Rampo novel turned into a brilliant manga comic by Suehiro Maruo. I reviewed the Rampo book in detail, so I am just going to concentrate on Maruo's interpretation of that novel. First, he follows the narrative very closely, and strange enough, the Rampo novel is more erotic, but saying that the original source is like a full-watt battery for Maruo. He takes "The Strange Tale of Panorama Island" to another level. 

Reading this I am  not disappointed with what he has done with "Panorama Island." Usually with a visual book like this or even "Foam of the Daze" one can be disappointed by the artist who is re-interpretating the original source, because it fails the reader's vision of that work. But I think Maruo not only respects the work, but I suspect it is a very important text for him and his work. He follows the Rampo vision, and added his touches, but in many ways Maruo (with respect to his work) is very much the son of Rampo. They share the same sensuality mixed with a taste for violence and the bizarre. Maruo's heart is very much with the early 20th Century and his work with Rampo's book is the perfect marriage or relationship. 

What one hopes is that there will be more works translated into English for both Rampo and Maruo - and that must happen now!

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