Friday, September 13, 2013

Update on Michel Gondry's "Mood Indigo" and the 3 translated versions of L'écume des jours

I don't have that much information about Michel Gondry's  film version of Boris Vian's "L'écume des jours except that they're cutting over 30 minutes out of the film for the international market.   And at this moment there's no release date for the U.S. 

The English language title of the film is "Mood Indigo," which was the original translated title by John Sturrock for Grove Press in the U.S.  There was another translation around the same time in the U.K. by Stanley Chapman called "Froth On The Daydream."   Both are out of print, but the Chapman translation will be published in the U.S. by FSG in 2014.  There might be some confusion because that edition will be titled like the film "Mood Indigo."  But do keep in mind Chapman's original title for his translation.

Meanwhile my press, TamTam Books, published Brian Harper's translation of L'écume des jours titled "Foam Of The Daze."   The book comes with detailed endnotes regarding the issues of translation as well as facts about Vian regarding his life during the writing of this book, as well as on the people he knew that shows up in the fictional novel.   "Foam Of The Daze"  is in print and you can get it at your favorite bookstore as well as online shops.
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