Monday, December 2, 2013

Boris Vian's RED GRASS Write-UP in Three Percent

A beautiful little write-up from the Three Percent blog.  From Sarah Gerard.

Also it is wonderful to have this book in such great company.  Read the blog here:
Here's the write-up:
Red Grass by Boris Vian (trans. Paul Knobloch)
I’m currently reading this book and am already completely blown away by it. While I’m not sure I can do it justice here, being that I’m still in the middle of it, I can already say that Vian’s (and Knobloch’s) sentences are some of the most lively I’ve ever read, and that the allegorical nature of the story rivals Kafka and Wells in its grace and complexity. It’s not exactly science fiction, but neither is it exactly Surreal. It’s something entirely its own – no other writer has done what Vian’s done here
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